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Second Monitor says out of range

I hooked up a second monitor to my Dell laptop. It worked great when i first connected them i could multitask with them. Now my second monitor (Hp w2007) Says "input signal out of range" and to change it to the recommended settings, but it is on the recommended settings. Plus, the way that windows is displayed on the second monitor is clearly not right. it doesn't even fill the whole screen. I've tried other resolutions. The only time the monitor works while on recommend settings. The message saying it's out of range ain't there, and it fills the whole screen and looks great is when i select the option to show only 2. Can anyone help me with this?

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This is the fix!!!! Thank you!

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Finally i solved it WITHOUT any Effort , a few steps to solve this issue :

  1. Right Click on the home screen > click on display settings
  2. go to the bottom of the window and click on advanced display settings
  3. click on display adapter properties for display 2
  4. click on the last tab intel HD Graphics control panel (OR on the Desktop press CTRL + ALT + F12 )
  5. on the Display select options choose monitor
  6. on the Scaling select options choose Customize Aspect Ratio
  7. click Apply :) , that’s it

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really helpful. thanks

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I tried a lot watching many videos to try to get rid of Input out of range message through safe mode. That was quite a hectic one. But the above steps provided worked well the message just vanishes within 20 seconds through those simple steps. Thanks a lot for this.

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i have followed all the steps but on the scaling sector i cant find "customize aspect ratio" option.....what i have is "maintain display scaling"any help pliz

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i don|t get what to click at step 4.

my last tab is "Color Management" and there is tab "intel HD Graphics control panel"

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@Rouven R.

on the Desktop press CTRL + ALT + F12

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The error message "monitor out of range" means that the monitor displaying the message cannot display the image due to something like a higher screen resolution or faster refresh rate.

Does the image on the second monitor only take up half of the screen, or something similar? The GPU may be having difficulties with a dual-monitor setup.

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The second monitor screen has fits top to bottom, but has back bars on sides

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From the description it sounds like the monitor is letterboxing the image, or in other words applying black bars on the sides in order to make the input image 'fit' on the monitor based on applied settings. This leads me to think that the screen resolution or aspect ratio may be the problem.

One person had the same issue and asked on the HP forums, here was their solution:

Also check that that all video drivers are up to date.

Let me know if it works for you.

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