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Installing Mac os on HP Laptop

I would like to know how to install Mac os on my HP 15-AY503TX Laptop?

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Well, that's not going to happen. You can put Windows on a Mac but not vice versa.

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Installing windows on Macbook I know. I'm looking for installing Mac os in my HP Laptop coz I can't install windows downloaded Mac softwares from windows pc to many Macbook PCs. If I have Mac os I can go to appstore to download for Macbook PCs

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No you can't. Apps built for Mac will not run on a PC. period!

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So it means u need another Mac PC to repair all Macbook laptops?

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Did I miss aU turn here? That's a whole other subject and very dependent on what you are trying to repair.

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I'm a computer technician I'm not skilled on softwares very much but skilled on hardware I'm using windows Laptop as personal for downloading softwares and Technical purpose. The reason I asked this coz Mac PCs doesn't accept some apple softwares downloaded from windows PCs Like I want to make Mac os bootable flashdrive when I use third party softwares in windows PC doesn't accept the bootable flashdrive in any Apple Mac PCs. So I asked whether installing Mac os on windows PC will it work or not that I can get Mac service job done easily.

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Not an easy install but you can try looking through

As the site name suggests, it is a site dedicated to creating a Mac environment on a PC

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