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Laptop not powering on


I tried removing the keyboard of my Lenovo W530 but in the process a screw fell on board where the keyboard connector is and there was a little spark (silly me, I didnt remove the battery). Now the laptop is no longer powering on no matter how long I press the power button. what could be wrong and how can I solve this?

Have I fried my mother board?

Kindly help.


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hello guys,

I removed the battery and disconnected the laptop from the mains for 24hrs.

Then did that Lenovo static trick:

I pressed the power button 10 times, holding for 1 second each and after that held it down for 30 seconds.

I coupled everything back together again and the laptop came on.

I am happy again.

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If you experiencing your thinkpad w530 does not power on, or you can not switch it off when its working, much chance at you have malfunctioning you power switch button.

To check this you find test point 81 (marked TP81) on you mother board just below keyboard, right besides keyboard connector.

You can check voltage with multimeter. It should read nearly 3V (battery must be connected). If so, just try to shorten this test point with pierce of wire to ground (eg. fan metal part). If your computer starts - you have found the problem - faulty keyboard power button. Replace keyboard.

You are done.

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