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iPhone 4s hardware in the body of a 4?

Here is my situation. I'm currently using my iPhone 4s. It is, for the most part, fairly functional but has a few issues & home button is missing. I was recently given an iPhone 4 that is in perfect cosmetic condition due to spending its entire existence in a life case , however it can not be updated any further & therefore many of my apps can not be installed on the it. My question is this, is it possible to switch all the inner hardwear of the 4s to the body of the 4? Looking at them from the outside they seem identical but I've never opened them up to see what's inside. I'm just curious if this is even something that can be done? Thanx

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Hi Brittney

The Long and short answer is no

Yes externally they look the same. But once you open them up you will see the Battery connection to the board is different, the screw arrangement for the main board is different . The "screen " flex cable pin config is the same but the way the "screen" is fixed to the body of the phone, that is different and we can go on . but we wont because I'm sure you have the idea now. Where we are, I would get on to FB and ask around for a broken down one and fix it up that way. And when you have one or two get on to the repair guides here and give it a go! best of luck



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Thank you for the info. Not the answer I was hoping for but your response is much appreciated

- de

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