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iBook won't Boot - Bootchime comes up - then 3 beeps

Hey there!

So I've a Problem my iBook 14" G4 1Ghz -

It worked great until I installed a new Keyboard.

Now this weird thing happens:

It starts like normal - Boot Chime and all - then there is a weird Sound from the Speakers - kinda like Static - just for a Second - and then there is the 3 beeps for bad RAM - what's wrong with my iBook?!

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First try reseating your RAM. That's what causes the three beeps. That failing, replace the RAM:

iBook G4 14" 933 MHz-1.33 GHz RAM Replacement

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Tried that already :(

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Either the stick has failed or the slot. Pray it's the stick. Replace it and try again.

RAM Type: PC2100 DDR SDRAM Min. RAM Speed: 266 MHz

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