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Why cant I cant I install a custom exhaust muffler?

I recently bought a Honda CBR500, and I would like to replace the default muffler with a custom one, the muffler of my choice is designated for the specific model that I ride, but after consulting with Honda's officials in regards to the modification that I wish to make, their answer was that it is not possible, and if I choose to do so I will lose my two years manufacturer warranty.

The only custom muffler they do allow is an Akrapovic.

How can I overcome this issue?

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The only solution to your problem is dodgy

not knowing the bike intimately or your choice of muffler i will assume that you can remove the factory unit without cutting and also fit the aftermarket one with clamps

1/ carefully tape around the area of the clamps to prevent tool marks and remove the original part

2/ fit the aftermarket muffler

3/ store the original in a place that it will not get damaged

4/ refit original part before going back for servicing/warranty work

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You are wright. good thinking.

- de

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Hey there Guy,

I'm curious as to what Honda's reason was for saying that the exhaust was deemed incompatible, did they tell you? Generally when a manufacturer indicates that a performance upgrade is not advisable there is a reason like safety to the operator, like in the case a street bike a burn on the leg due to the position and size adjustment of the new components. Or sometimes the say that the component performs adversely meaning (for exhaust) the reduction in back pressure can cause a engine to run extremely poor.

If Honda did not give that information it might be a good idea to get it from them. If they won't give it to you, don't be afraid to take your bike to another shop for a 2nd opinion. Sometimes shops might have a agenda to push certain parts as they get perks. While we don't want to say or is it easy to prove that this is the case, 2nd opinions are never bad.

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Honda's official answer is that the muffler might hurt the bike's performance, but this answer does not necessarily suggest that this is the only reason, the muffler of my choice is made by SC Project, a company which specializes in making motorcycle exhausts, some of its mufflers are developed for MotoGP riders including the Honda team, I think its safe to say that this company has a proven reputation.

Though Honda's answer is probably correct, making mufflers is not a rocket science, the SC Project's muffler is adjusted for my specific model.

My guess is that some things that are happily accepted in the race tour, are not accepted regarding the commercial market.

- de

If Honda states that it can degrade performance you would be left with few options. You could try another Honda dealer or authorized shop to see if perhaps it was that one shop (2nd opinion), you could just switch the exhaust and do so carefully like indicated above so as to be able to return to stock should you need to. A 3rd and very viable option is to perhaps look into other brands. If you plan on keeping the bike for any length of time, then a few extra days to see if there might be another performance company that has something similar or maybe even better could be very worth it.

Though I still have some suspicion as to why the pro circuit uses it but Honda recommended against it. Was that at a dealer / shop level or at a corporate / engineering level?

- de

The store I went to is a certified Honda dealer, in fact in my country it is the sole importer of Honda motorcycles, which makes his answer the only answer.

I will try to contact Honda's main offices and get their official opinion.

For now I think I will just back-up with this idea.

Thank you for the good advise.

- de

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