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How do I get the software for phone network unlocking?

So I have recently started up a phone repair company and many people ask if I can unlock phones, but I have no idea how to do it?

Is there some software that I can download to do it? Do I need any special tools? All I can find is someone selling CDs on ebay but they are for older phone models.

Any help would be appreciated


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They need to have proof of ownership and visit an Apple Store to get it unlocked.


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You can't. There is no way to locally unlock iPhone without swapping hardware identity.

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Well there is actually a way to "bypass" it, its not permanently unlocking the phone network. It requires a special chip placed under your sim card and inserted into a network locked iPhone. As long as the chip is there it will work to make calls/text/internet data with 4G LTE. Let me know if youre interested to learn more.

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