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Static 'snow' on screen


When using my PS4 I'm getting Static snow constantly.

Tried different TVs, hdmi, and power leads to no avail. It's still ok to use just very annoying. Any help greatly appreciated

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Shoot some canned air in the HDMI ports of the TV and PS4, clearing out any debris. Make sure the cables themselves are clean as well.

If the problem persists, try isolating the HDMI cables from any other cables or electronics. It could be you are getting some EMI interference causing the snow (kind of how speakers get static when your cell phone rings).

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I'll have a look and get back to you tomorrow, thanks


Any updates?


Sorry for the delay getting back to you. It didn't work.


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I have a PS4 Slim, and just experienced this tonight. My symptoms:

  • I had audio but snow.
  • My kids swapped the HDMI cables around between our PS3 and PS4 as they couldn’t get a signal from the TV (wasn’t there to witness it, just a “what the heck did you guys do?” moment :D )
  • reset of PS4 (long hold of PS4 button until two beeps) did not work
  • unplugging HDMI cables from TV and PS4 did not work
  • using a different HDMI input on the TV with a different HDMI cable did NOT work
  • One of the HDMI cables was bent pretty bad at the input to the TV, but still intact (I think someone slid the TV sideways on the wall mount further then the HDMI cable could reach)

What worked for me:

  • unplugging my television (power cord) and waiting for 10 seconds
  • (I have a Vizio 70” with multiple HDMI inputs)

I suspect:

  • the bent HDMI cable sent a confusing signal to my TV which the TV could not “unremember”
  • unplugging the television helped it “unremember”.

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This works 100% It happened to me today and this fixed it right away!

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