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Battery not charging after I changed it

Hi, I replaced my old battery with a new i bought here. After I replaced it, Iphone 5 turned on regularly and cherged til 40% . I went to sleep and let it charging, but at morning I found the iphone 5 turned off with 0% battery and now it is not charging anymore and doesn't turn on cause the low battery. I tried 2 different charging cables but it has not changed. can someone help me ? thx.

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What was wrong with the old battery? Was it that it drained to 0% and wouldn't charge or suddenly shut off at certain percentage or stopped working?

If it does not charge a flat battery then the U2 tristar charging IC chip needs to be replaced by someone that offers micro soldering.

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Hello, change the charge socket first.

You can see how to change it from here

You can get it here

If not, you can try changing the battery

You can get the battery here

You can look at how to do it here

'''If this is not the case then the power integration is also a problem. If you can take a master repairer, you will do it easily.


Imagen iPhone 5 Replacement Battery


iPhone 5 Replacement Battery


Imagen iPhone 5 Lightning Connector and Headphone Jack


iPhone 5 Lightning Connector and Headphone Jack


Imagen iPhone 5 Batería


Reemplazo de la batería del iPhone 5



15 minutes - 1 hour

Imagen iPhone 5 Conector Lightning y toma de auriculares


Reemplazo de conector Lightning y toma de auriculares del iPhone 5



1 - 2 hours

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thx. the old battery was working wrongly. the percentage gone heavily down using it little bit, or shut off when it seems that was charged.


Ah then that's the battery most likely. Have you checked the charging cable if it plugs in fully with no gap and have you tried another charger port?


yes, i tried 2 different cables, and cleaned the dust but nothing happens. The strange thing is that after I've changed battery it was charging right, then I don't know what is happened because i found it turned off.


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