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I need to get past Killswitch

I bought a second hand cell phone lg destiny. It was locked by McAfee, I called the guy, said password is 123456... It worked, but then goes to a black screen, with a move left button on the bottom of the page, if I try to hard reset it, is blocked by Killswitch

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i found this on an android forum

"While it's true that newer smartphones are neccesary to have anti-theft kill switch, this particular kill switch on LG devices were installed by McAfee. From Android Community

LG Electronics announced that it has partnered with McAfee to bring an anti-theft feature to the new LG G3 phones. The mobile devices will now be pre-installed with the latest version of the McAfee Mobile Security, which includes a Kill Switch function so that you can erase data and disable the phones when it has fallen into the wrong hands.

Not only will the software protect the LG G3 from these malware infections, it also has a kill switch that will enable you to disable your phone’s functions, including unauthorised factory reset, when it gets stolen. Even attempts to root the phone will be blocked and the lock screen will require password authentication, and the user can control the device from a web console.

(Emphasis added)

From XDA Forum post by twisted_twice,

Kill switch's operations for each scenario table

it seems you have to either:

Turn off Lock Down Device on McAfee: you can then initiate factory reset, but you may be asked for PIN after that, or

Unregister your device on McAfee Mobile Security (not really recommended security-wise)

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i guess give that a shot there was also this

If your device is rooted, and you haven't already gotten your phone locked, you can get a "bloatware" remover, find and remove it. I hope this works!

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