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iPhone 6 baseband problem

Hey guys, so two months ago I bought an iphone that was somewhat faulty. Sim card didnt work but that was ok for me since I dont use the phone that much for purposes other than wifi. Recently, me not knowing that an iphone that doesnt support sim card has a baseband problem, i tried updating it via itunes and then i tried restoring but you know... I couldn't. I kept getting itunes error (-1). Now that I know it has something to do with baseband what are the possible fixes for that. The attached pic shows my phone's motherboard. I'm asking for help on what can I do? All I currently want is just to restore my phone since it is stuck in recovery mode? In the other hand, how can I fix my baseband? What should I do? What should I buy? Thanks in advance.

Also notice how those two wires (?!) near the sim card tray are disconnected, is that a problem? And what's those two burned things near the baseband? Thank you so much.

p.s If I connect my phone to itunes it shows my serial number.

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This is a worked board, which in other words, garbage.

You don't know if the board has gone through what kind of mess, has been repaired or not, or someone attempted and failed to repair it, or just take this board for spare parts. The repair cost for baseband problem can easily exceed the price of good phones so there is little repair value.

The "wires" next to the SIM slot is insertion detection if I understand you correctly. The "burned" parts are RF PA ICs, which should not affect baseband but shows the extent of the damage.

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Well, is there anything I can do to fix it?


Ask a professional to fix it. If he quotes higher than you are willing to pay, then no.


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-1 error

First check pcb if broken or have something scratched , if ok check this ic

baseband chip

baseband cpu

Nand flash

First try reball one by one and test

If same prob error -1 ! Try reprograming chip by tools like WL

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hi bro my is icloud looked pls helf me connect to itunes pls

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iphone 6 16gb pls bro how solution pls


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