windows 10 on a Dell

If I purchased a Dell laptop with Windows 10 installed by Dell and for some reason I need to replace windows 10 would I be able to obtain a copy free from Dell to fix my problem? If not from Dell, could I obtain a copy free from Microsoft?

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Very interesting, Melvin. I also have Windows 10 on a Dell. I tried to get there but could not reach it, I saw a few files with the name UEFI but I could not either open them or identify the Windoes 10 series. Would you mind guding us, please?


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Yes. You can grab the free download from Microsoft. Windows 10 doesn't use a key. Instead it uses a unique identifier in your motherboard for activation/reactivation.

The link to download it is here:

You will need a USB 8gb or larger or a blank DVD.

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True about the motherboard, but windows 10 can use a key if you like.


The key is used once on the first activation. After that the user never needs the key again to clean reinstall. I do this all the time with custom computers I build.


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If the laptop is bought in the two last years then the key for Windows 10 is inside your bios/UEFI so it would activate the key automatically when you install Windows 10. You would only need a ISO file to install from that is installed on a USB stick.

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