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7+ home button unresponsive but causes phone to freeze when touched

I attempted to repair a iPhone 7 plus after previously fixing a iPhone 7 with no issues.

When the repair was done it said Touch ID not working but the phone would freeze for a minute when the home button was touched. When the home button is touched no vibrations or anything.,

I also tried a different LCD and also the original screen but it still has this issue. I also tried a iPhone 7 home button knowing the touch ID wouldn't work but I wanted to see if the vibrations would allow it to at least function with out the touch ID.

I took the necessary precautions i.e; disconnecting battery, not hitting metal on metal, didn't rip any cables.

I've done multiple resets; holding power/volume down button.. nothing works

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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When you removed the home button did you put the screws back in their proper place? Placing the wrong screw in the wrong area could have damaged the unit. The screw on the home button is smaller than the other 3 screws.

The other possibility is the cable may have gotten damaged during the removal from the previous LCD.

May want to double check your work.

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Hello It can be lcd issue if it says touch I'D failed.

If phone is freeze and touch is not working

Then the issue is Audio Ic... can cause the issue in iphone 7 and about 7+ i am not sure.

After the impact or dropping the audio Ic, suffer lose connect point

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