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Guías de reparación y soporte para la EOS 70D, una cámara réflex digital lanzada por Canon en 2013. Esta cámara se puede identificar con el número de modelo DS126411.

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replace the mode dial on canon 70d

how do I remove the mode dial on a Canon 70d ??

I have a replacement.

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Hi, did you manage to find out how to replace it? Having problems with mine, and have just ordered a replacement.

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No, unfortunately I haven't replaced it. I found a posting on the net from a guy who enquired at Canon and was told that a strip-down costing a couple of hundred Dollars was neccessary.

Mine's is stuck on manual, so I've just been working with that.

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Have done some research and have gotten in contact with a guy that repairs cameras. He told me I would have to strip off the casing before I can replace the dial (I think it's held on by a screw from the inside). Will be attempting the tear down when my replacement dial arrives. Will tell you how it goes.

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I was quoted 248.00 for what might be a simple task. Where can I buy the mode dial? Have you actually accomplished this repair yet? If so, I'd like to know if maybe it was not so easy or worth the cost I was quoted.


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Did you find a way to get that mode dial repaired?


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this post is a year old, but for those who are still looking for an answer on how to replace the dial mode on the 70d, or any canon dslr for that matter, you might want to see this video

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thank you!!!!

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My camera is ded no power

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