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How could I replace the key "Enter" on my keyboard?


I want to replace a key on my keyboard, there is something behind and i don't know how to do this, it's possible ?

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See if a vacuum cleaner can get it out, if that doesn't work try compressed air.

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Hold off on the vacuum! It's not a safe way as it can create a static discharge which could damage things here.

A can of can'ed air might be able to dislodge whats stuck. Here we want to blow near the area no on top of what you suspect is stuck.

Think how blowing smack in the middle of a piece of paper will hold the paper down not move it, now if you blow at the side it moves. This is the effect you want here.


apple recommends compressed air.


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It is possible to remove the key cap from the keyboard with one of the thin plastic picks. Start at the top edge and gently pry the top two corners up off the board. Should be able to clean it out from there.

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