Complete repair manual for the PSP Go, including battery upgrade and display repair instructions.

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After reassembling my PSP Go the Start & Select buttons won't work

After i disassembled and rereassembled my PSP Go to fix my power switch; i used the PSP Go Teardown guide from this website, and now both the Start & Select buttons won't work anymore; and they were working before then.

so i tried taking my psp go apart and putting it back together again while going over the teardown guide thinking i over looked something, anyone have an idea of what that might be?

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Look at the 2nd picture of step 9 in the PSP Go teardown. There is a cable that connects the buttons to the main board, it could be loose.

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Here's a direct link to the page Aram is mentioning. PSP Go Teardown


thanks man, that's exactly what the issue was, i didn't see that cable cause it was hidden by joystick's ribbon cable.


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I have the same issue, except my cable is in. Any ideas? I just had sound issue which was caused by bad fuse, which i replaced and now works but SELECT/START button doesn't

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