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Reparar información en unidades de disco o discos duros. Los discos duros son dispositivos magnéticos de almacenamiento de datos. Se utilizan en la mayoría de las computadoras de escritorio, portátiles y servidores debido a su bajo costo y alta densidad de datos.

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How do I reposition the spindle of my hard drive on my laptop

whenever i boot up my laptop, the hard drive clicks 8 times. and im positive that it is because the spindle is stuck, and needs to be repositioned... and im wondering hwo to do that

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Spinning disks are typically 2.5" using a SATA connection. Without knowing what your system is we can't guide you any further.

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You can't fix your drive without having a clean room as any dust allowed in will kill the drives heads.

At this point its best to just replace the drive.

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If it clicks 8 times on turn, it doesn't mean the spindle is stuck. It means there is an area of hard drive frequently accessed on a start up that it is having problems reading. 8 clicks or so means its retrying to re-read.

It is strongly suggested you replace the hard drive. It may even be a good excuse to get one those new fangled SSD drives.

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K... should I get m.2, pciee, or sata 3? Considering it's a laptop... I'm thunking data... but I'm not sure how I would install the m.2 or pci ssd

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Hi @marko1 ,

Look up your exact laptop specs to determine what type of HDD connection it has. You may only have the one option

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Can you get the model number from device manager? I can tell from that.

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