Portable wireless speakers from Logitech released in 2013.

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Battery dying very quickly!

I got the UE boom 2 for Christmas and its suppose to last a decent amount of time...like 12 hours or so. I understand at high volunes this time goes down but mine is lasting maybe 2 hours or so and i already sent one back because of this but having the same problem with the 2nd one!!!! I charge it at night while i am sleeping, is that the problem? Am i over charging it??

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The battery barely gets out of warranty and doesn't charge and there is no battery replacement anywhere. In the garbage with it. What kind of company makes a product the doesn't support battery replacement?


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@arossi143 , Alise Rossi , when you sent back the 1st UE boom 2 did you also send the charger, if still using the original charger from 1st boom, this could be the issue faulty charger, try a different charge method perhaps. UE says that you'll get 15 hours of battery life from the Boom 2, from a 2.5-hour charge through that micro USB port with the bundled 10-Watt USB wall charger and flat cable. Maybe you are overcharging by leaning plugged in 12 hours, so try the 2.5-3 hour charge a few times to see if it makes any difference. Also try turning(reducing) volume to say a third and see if it last longer, some forums state the battery performance greatly reduce when volume on in higher range.

There are two ways to check your speaker’s current battery level. Button press, Press your speaker’s ‘plus’ and ‘minus’ buttons at the same time. An audio message will play telling you the current battery level.

Open the UE BOOM app.Tap the +/- area on the UE BOOM on the home screen to display the battery life while your speaker is on.

If your battery level are showing full and speaker is not living up to your expectations return under warranty for repair/replacement/refund. Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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No! UE simply sucks. I’m switching back to bose! More expensive but you get what you pay for!! Listening to music for only two hours over the speaker is unacceptable. My iPhone has a better life charge. And if you have the cord directly in the outlet, it still dies!!! WTF!

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Had a similar problem with my 1st gen UE Boom. Was researching battery swap but stumbled across a reset option.

With the unit off, hold the Vol down button and the main power button for 20 seconds (well, that’s how long I did) to reset the device.

Will have to re-pair it with devices (and rename it via the app if you like) but after the reset, it took about 3 hours for a full charge and battery life appears to be MUCH improved. Cost’s nothing and worth a shot…

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