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How to tight the hinges to fix a wobbly screen?


My screen is wobbly for 2-3 cm and moves back & forth when the Macbook is leaned.

It feels pretty bad and gives a weak impression.

I would love to get my good old pal solid and robust like back in the days.

I opened the Macbook from the bottom and the 2 x 3 torx screen was solidly tight.

So it must be the other part of the hinges located in the black bar.

But how to access the remaining screws ?

It would be really great if you could provide few pictures and instructions to explain how to access them..

Thanks in advance.

Best regards


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Thanks for your answer Sam.

I will give it a try once I have the time and if possible take pictures.


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I don't have pictures, but here are the steps:

1.) Remove the bottom case cover

2.) Disconnect battery

3.) Disconnect camera cable, wi-fi antennae and display cable

4.) Take off the rubber covers and unscrew 1/3 of the torx screws that hold the display in place from each side

5.) Open the MacBook so that the display is perpendicular to the top case

6.) Remove the remaining 2/3 torx screws that hold the hinge to the top case and remove the display panel

7.) Once the display panel is separated from the rest of the MacBook, take off the clutch cover (black plastic piece) by moving it to the right (will take a moderate amount of force)

8.) There will be 2 or 3 (I can't remember) torx screws on each side that hold the hinges to the display assembly, tighten these.

9.) Reassemble and reconnect the battery cable last, and you're done!

I would recommend checking out a youtube video or something if you're having trouble or are unsure.

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