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Pantalla iPad Mini de 7.9 pulgadas, con 16, 32 o 64 GB de almacenamiento.

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Silver tape over wifi antennas

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After following the steps to remove the old digitizer and lcd screen ( for the first time) I came to a sudden stop.

No where can I find out any information about the tape that you remove that holds the original lcd screen to wifi antennas

It look like a piece of foam wrapped in silver tape.

I am attaching pictures so i can get a better answer

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Sir with all respect, thank you for responding to my question, but next time if you are going to be judgemental about someones camera or the Internet, please take a moment , bite your tounge and keep your thoughts (other than those that go with questions) to yourself.

We are on here to get answers not to be scolded

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Jesus clean your camera lens. The pics are so foggy.

Also improve your internet connection, heavy packet losses ruined 2 of your pictures.

As for the tapes, they're conductive foam tapes. It's difficult and not worthwhile to buy the exact cuts outside of China, so you have to peel them off and move them onto the new panel, or buy alternative tapes.

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And what would you recommend for the alternative tape ?

Also what would you recommend on the topic of Internet connection?

And last but not least, my camera cover is broken allowing particles in scratches to form on the lens

- de

Ipad parts are very incomplete even on Chinese sites, I'm not hoping to find any misc parts like pieces of tape, not even on Chinese sites, let alone foreign ones. Search for "conductive tapes", find similar quality ones and cut them yourself.

For internet, what do you have now?

- de

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