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Snowmobiles are motorized vehicles designed for winter travel and recreation on snow. The engine generally powers a continuous belt in the rear that propels the vehicle, while two skis at the front provide directional control.

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Why is my snowmobile bogging

I have a1999 Polaris 600 xlt and I was running about 55 mph when I released of the gas and my sled lost a little power and was bogging out I lifted the hood and oil cap was off and there was oil in my air filter so I wiped all the oil up and it seem a little better buts still boggs out .I also changed the spark plug ran it a bit then my air filter blew a flame through it the sled drives just doesn't feel 100% what could be the problem

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@lanny3 , Lanny, How well did you clean the oil in the filter box, did you replace the oil drenched filter as it could be clogged choking the engine, also make sure the clutch and belt are clean of the oil. There are a few things that could cause your engine to bog. Bad fuel, fuel line collapsing(pinched), clogged fuel filter,dirty carburetor, fuel pump failing, Carbs out of adjustment, bad plug wire, wires/plugs shorting out/loosing connection, weak coil/ignition box/CDI, wrong/fouled plug, vacuum leaks/bad crank seal, stick valve/reed, etc. I will post a link below to the service manual which may aid in your diagnosing and repair and a 2nd link to a forum diagnosing your issue. Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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Ohm out spark plug caps (should be 4-5k ohms),pull a fuel sample let it sit for a couple hours & see if /or how much water there is in the fuel. Secondary clutch may have a broken button or the clutches all together may be dirty......There can be many seen and some not yet seen issues when it comes to troubleshooting snowmobiles I just threw out a couple for you -if they help at all.?

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I totally agree with L Pfaff comment on problem-solving but I want to ask you one thing: how long have you changed the tracks of your snowmobile? If it's a long time ago, then you should probably change them to new ones, for example from the compositsnowmobiletracks company. I have been using them for several years and am generally satisfied.

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