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El Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (llamado Note5) es un teléfono de estilo phablet, fabricado por Samsung, lanzado en agosto de 2015.

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The s pen only works in a few parts of the display

I replaced my display with a new note 5 display, that i got from fixit.

all works fine with the finger. Only the s-pen works in a few areas of the display.

is the s-pen broken or is the display itself not ok?

how can this be explained?

also the return and the window button work but don´t glow anymore.

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For the S-pen issue. That sounds like an LCD failure. The S-pen wouldn't work at all on the screen if it were the S-pen.

As for the soft keys at the bottom, make sure that the bottom PCB is connected properly and that you don't have power saving mode turned on. Also try a factory reset and if that doesn't work try flashing it. If that still doesn't work then it might be a bad PCB at the bottom there. You possibly damaged the buttons when removing the LCD. It happens all the time for me at work.

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Hey thank you! I will see what I can do when I get to it!

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No problem bud.

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