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Released on September 19, 2014, this 5.5" screen iPhone is the larger version of the iPhone 6.

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iPhone 6 Plus C1267 has a pad that was ripped, where can I tap?

While doing a hot air repair, my logic board slipped in my Kaisi holder and one of the screw holder near the LCD assembly slid underneath the metal shield knocking C1267 and C1696 off. I could manage to reinstall C1696 as the pads were intact but C1267 is missing the "bottom" pad (the one next to the black U1501 chip.

Where can I tap a wire from to close the circuit? Is this the negative side or positive? Every other caps on that circuit are underneath the logic board :(

Update (02/03/2017)

Thnks for your answers. I indeed checked for which pad i have and it seems like the top pad (the one left) is the ground :( I will probably end up selling the good parts as ther might be another issue. Since the "incident" it wont power up at all with the power button or USB (no power drawn on USB). Something might have been damaged/slightly disloged from its place. My home button connector was also dislodged by a retainer on my kaisi and to be replaced. I tried removing it to prevent shorts just in case but it still doesnt power up. Oh well...

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I don't have the schematics for 6P, however it should be largely similar to 6. C 1267 is a VCC bypass cap, so one end would be VCC_MAIN and the other would be GND. Just probe it to see which is which.

Electrically any GND would do, however regarding to board layout, bridging it to another GND may cause interference problems, which is exactly what bypass caps intend to reduce, so it can be pointless.

Just leave it empty and see if the result is acceptable.

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@vizi0n post an image of your damaged board and lets see what you broke. Use this guide for that. @tomchai is absolutely correct. One end of the cap connects to ground. The other end could be connected to C1263, now it will depend which way is the right way.

Block Image

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