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Blank modem firmware but has IMEI , replaced C23 + U1_RF

Originally no imei and blank modem firmware, found C23 was damaged and replaced it, IMEI returned and was working until a few days ago, stuck on searching, no modem firmware, replaced baseband chip (U1_RF) , but the modem firmware is still blank, any suggestions?

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Sounds like you don't know what you are doing.

U1_RF cannot be replaced alone, you need to replace the baseband flash as well because they are encrypted as a set. After that you need to use the serial number rewriting tool to rewrite the device serial number to match the IMEI that is programmed on the replcement U1_RF, otherwise the device cannot be activated.

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Thanks mate, I didn't know they are encrypted as a set, why did the IMEI return when I replaced C23? I'm guessing that's because it's just a capacitor right?

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I guess when you replace the cap, the baseband is repaired somehow, making it to respond to the OS, however since it is wrong, it does not work and theOS shows a cached value.

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It was working when I replaced the cap, made and received calls, a few days later it was stuck on searching, blank modem firmware, that's when I replaced the baseband chip, incorrectly thinking that would fix the issue, how would I find the issue with this type of problem? What's the process? If you don't mind me asking

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