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El Acer Aspire Switch 10 SW5-011-18R3 es una tableta 2 en 1 con teclado acoplable que ejecuta el sistema operativo Windows. Fue lanzado originalmente en mayo de 2014.

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Why does the screen turn off whenever I scroll down on the touchpad?

I've had this computer for 2 years now, and it's been running fine until a few days ago. Now whenever I'm on my screen and I want to scroll down using my touchpad on my keyboard, the screen turns blank. It takes it a minute to be turned on again. It works fine if I use the touchscreen, but as soon as I use the touchpad the screen turns off again. How can I fix this?

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Had the same thing happening, though only in the browser while doing two-finger scrolling with the touchpad. If used touchpad for other things (like click), or scrolled in some other app (like PDF reader), things were fine. Later found that using Wacom tablet was also causing the same issue. Found via a Wacom reddit post that resetting display card driver does the trick. Worked in my case. First tried to update Intel HD Graphics driver, but had some version incompatibility. So in Device Manager, went to Display Adapters, did "Disable device" for Intel HD Graphics (causes screen to flash etc, as it reverts to Microsoft's own basic driver). Restarted system, re-enabled driver (if you continue with the basic driver, games etc may not work), now things are fine.

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thanks man! i tried it and worked!

hope that I won't have any problem after this

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It won't!

If it does, just ask again!

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I imagine you've already done this solution seeing as the question was posed months ago, but when I had this exact problem all I did was restart my computer and the issue disappeared

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That too can solve a lot of issues.

But some issues need slightly more than the usual.


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