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What are these lines?

Block Image

. Please save my tv

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susan Parker that looks like a bad panel. "Any horizontal lines. The gate drivers are activated by a single source of timing information so any single horizontal line or groups or random horizontal lines are caused by an output failure from a gate driver or a loss of the tab bond to the panel." If it would only be the vertical lines thatn I'd go with a failed T-con board, but since " the TCON disperses the pixel data to groups of line and column drive IC’s situated on the outer edges of the panel, it is unlikely that more than one of these IC’s would fail at the same time. Multiple columns of stuck on or stuck off pixels are, therefore, more likely to be the fault of the TCON circuits." So, you will need to remove the back of your TV set and take a look at the TAB's (ribbon cables that are entering the panel from the boards) on the top and the sides. Take plenty of images of your set once it is open and post those with your question, so we can try and point out what and where to look. BTW what model is your Sharp TV?

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Your tv looks like it might have some broken pixels. I've seen TV's like that before, and that means that there's pixels there that aren't displaying correctly, thereby giving you that. It's usually caused by someone or something hitting it. Did someone there bump it? I lost a laptop because of pixel malfunction. I believe you MIGHT be able to get a screen replacement, but I can't guarantee there IS one for your specific TV. You could try, but I think it would be best to get a new TV :)

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