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Why tv is on, volume works and can see a picture if you shine light on

TV powers on with volume, but no picture. If you shine a flashlight on the screen you can see the picture. Worked fine the night before??

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Hi, What is the model number of your TV?

It appears as though there is a problem with the backlight circuit


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Quick Fixes

Try a few simple things first to try and fix your TV before replacing parts…

1 – Unplug TV overnight. Plug back in and SOMETIMES it may work and fix your issue.

2 – Unplugging the TV and everything hooked to it, then plugging it back in may clear the problem.

3 – Be sure the TV is set to the correct input. If it is set to DVI or Component input when it should be in the HDMI input this will cause issues.


If the 3 quick fix checks above do not resolve your issue, try this:

Press the TV menu button. If no menu appears the problem could be a bad tcon display board or backlight inverter board. Turn off the room light and check TV for backlight glow. If it has a glow then the problem can be a loose tcon connection or bad tcon board. Check connections.

Other possible causes for HDTV with sound but no video…

Possible TV Back-Light Inverter Board Issue:

To see if the back-light has gone out, turn the TV on. Turn the lights off and make the room dark. Shine a flashlight onto the screen at different angles. If you can see some of the picture then the back-light has gone out. (It should glow a slight grey if it’s working) To fix this you need a TV backlight inverter board. '''You can buy one online for a relatively low price. Usually the board will have a few bad capacitors on it. You could attempt to repair it yourself if you can identify which capacitor has gone bad. A capacitor kit for a TV board is ultra cheap. You are best off buying the backlight inverter board and installing it yourself. A back-light inverter board should be from $10 to $25 dollars depending on your TV model.


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I have tosheba hd tv have had it for about 1 year and half today the picture went out but sound stayed on. Left it like that bout 5 minutes turned off. Shut it back on the picture came on.

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@kathy1964 I recognize this is an old question but it does not appear to have any valid answers. Since “If you shine a flashlight on the screen you can see the picture. “ you already determined that this is a backlight issue. Your TV does not have a separate backlight inverter etc. Resetting it, or turning ift off and on will not fix the backlight.

You will have to measure the output of the power board to see LED backlight array. You can measure that directly on the connector at the power board. Samsung TV’s have the values expected, printed on the circuit board. Measure those and make sure that they are all in compliance. If you have less power as expected or none going to the backlight array, you have a power board issue. IF you do not get teh BL_on signal from the main board then that is the issue.

To test the actual backlight array, all you have to do is to remove the back of the TV and disconnect the cable from the power board to the main board. Then turn your TV on. If you do not get teh backlight turned on, it is the backlight array that has failed.

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