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The HTC Desire 626 is a mid-range Android smartphone released by HTC, a Taiwanese consumer electronics company, in March 2015.

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Can't hear sound without headphones in.

I dropped my HTC in the rain and since then the sound has been stuck on "headset on" and I can no longer hear calls or use the speaker for videos or music. I can still hear notifications through the speakers though. how can I fix it so i can take calls without my headphones in?

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Same problem here. I replace the Headphone Jack.

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start by opening it and cleaning any connections, especially around the headphone jack if it does not solder right to the board. this might not be worth the effort and money.

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Go to the play store and install the "SoundAbout" app. I believe I had to restart my phone after I installed and opened the app before the sound started working again. This may or may not work in your case since you mentioned your phone was dropped in water but it's worth a try! The sound on my HTC Desire 626 just stopped working one day. It's very possible it happened from me dropping it bc I'm constantly dropping my phones, so give it a try. It might not be due to water damage after all!

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