My camera won't shoot

Battery and memory card covers are in tact. Battery is charged. Switched out memory cards. Camera turns on, menu displays, but when I push the shutter, I get a "busy" error message.

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Have you tried different shoot modes, especially with/without the flash engaged? Maybe worth trying a different/no lens, different ISO and so on. I once had a similar, though very short lived, issue where the camera (70D) had problems with the sensor cleaning.

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It turns out that it works fine if you manually focus, but if you auto focus she shutter won't work.

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Is the autofocus working at all then? If you have another lens around it would definitely be worth trying it so that you can narrow it down to a problem with the lens (in case it is lens specific). Then you would need see if it is worth fixing it or to invest in a nice lens :P

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I agree with Tisapph.

Try another lens. If you don't have another, the easiest way is to take it to a "best buy" type of store and try out a demo lens. I've done it a few times. Just take in the body and say you wanted check lenses for compatibility.

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I also agree with Tisapph. Today a glass door I was passing through accidentally hit my camera. In reality it had hit my 35 mm lens. By switching to my other auto-focus lens it seems to be working fine. Now I just have to replace that first lens.

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