Released by Samsung in March 2016. Model SM-G930V.

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How to retrieve data from a Cracked and shattered screen.

My son decided to knock my phone down a couple months ago and cracked my screen 2 months later my screen quit working and 3 hours later started turning purple and now completely black. I have a password on it. Is there a way to retrieve the files, pictures and data off it? My SD card apparently didn't save everything and there stuff on my internal memory. I wamt to try to get the stuff back before i turn it in as i have important files on it. Anything welcome.

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Sorry it's not an answer I just posted it in the wrong place ...... I have the Samsung Galaxy S7 from Cspire and when I was looking for the parts I didn't see Cspire are what would work with it can you help ( Busted Screen ) black out.


Try this FORecovery Android Data Extraction to get data back from a cracked Samsung Galaxy phone with sharrered screen.


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You have a broken LCD which is causing the issue with seeing anything. Replacing the screen will restore functionality for you but, as I'm sure you've noticed, this can be expensive!

You can use a data/charging cable connected to the computer or Using Samsung KIES.

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Does it work? Some one recommended me android data recovery app How to Recover Deleted Photos from Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge?, and I purchased one to recover data from my broken samsung galaxy s7.

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