A play oven that bakes real treats. Hasbro has sold 18 million of these little cookie factories. The secret ingredient is love!

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Why won't my easy bake oven turn on?

My easy bake oven won't turn on? I plug it in and nothing. Waited over 20 minutes! Help!

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How old is your easy bake? The older models used a light bulb to cook, and it needed replacing occasionally.

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@avanteguarde Only one reputation point needed for tee shirt :-) @kaykay


Thanks for the head's up @mayer ! Nice work @avanteguarde :) Stoked to have you in the community. Shooting you an email now!


I bought a easy bake oven and it wont turn on i was told it needed a bulb but cant find any help to find out where it goes


Its the new modle


Trying to send picture


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picture of my modle oven

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