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Mediados de 2006 / número de modelo A1181 / carcasa negra o blanca / procesador Intel Core Duo de 1,83 o 2,0 GHz.

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What electronic elements are finded near magbase?

MacBook "Core Duo" 2.0 white

I opened my MacBook and I find some elements are cracked (resistor etc.). I want to find them, can anybody help me find the names of elements and all the details,

The Elements Near the MagSafe on Electronic Board

Thank You

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@alfons1 first you need to properly identify your computer. You did not give us enough information about that. Use this site to find out what computer you have.

Second there are many components and it will help, if you take some good pictures and post those with your question. Use this guide for that. It will allow us to see what you see.

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Here's a listing of the A1181 MacBook's to help you isolate out which one.

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Looking at this picture can you point out what is damaged. You might find posting your own pictures better here.

I should also point out while we are closer in knowing your model there are quite a few different variations of MacBook 2.0 GHz systems. Can you tell us which one from the listing I posted above? Paste the systems URL here once you do.

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The mosphet transistor near the magbase cable,and some components over there near the transisitor

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