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La tercera generación de la serie phablet de Samsung Galaxy Note se lanzó el 25 de septiembre de 2013. Identificable por el número de modelo N9005.

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Recovering pictures and contact from a note 3 that got wet

Hi need some help, my phone got wet I've try a few things to get it to turn on but nothing. I have all my sons baby photos on it and I really want to recover them. I don't care so much about the phone just the pictures it's kill me thinking I want ever be able to see them again.Help please

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first I strongly, and can't say enough STRONGLY, advise you don't continue to attempt to turn the device on. I would take it to a reputable repair store and have them run a professional cleaning on it. Make sure they use an ultrasonic cleaner and remove any necessary shielding over board components.

You basically want to clean off any left over minerals from the liquid that has been left on the board.

Many times a cleaning itself will work but in the case it doesn't and you have one or multiple shorts you will need a board level specialist to look at it.

Also I wouldn't wait as there could still be liquid sitting in the device waiting to cause more damage.

If personal data is your biggest concern be very picky who you let touch your phone. Just because they operate a store doesn't mean they're good at what they do. I'd check out the business's online reviews prior to letting them touch the device. Hope this helps a little.

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Thanks for your help I've taken it to repair shop this morning and they might be able to save the phone

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No problem at all. I hope you get a great result and your information back!

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Before you have them fix it, check here and here and sign in to your Google account. Magic!

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