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Red light blinks 14 times

TV red light blinks 14 times over and over with no picture or sound.

Panasonic Viera 50"


I did a hard reset and cleaned the dust off the boards.....nothing but 14 blinks.

I also unhooked the A board and plugged back in and turned on. Red light just stayes on..... ??

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Hi oldturkey03,

Thank`s for your suggestion, i appreciate that .Took out the A board, and let my colege have a look at it- we`ll see what`s gonna happen.I let You know what`s the result.

Miroslav Sur

90301 Senec-Slovakia


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@alsf250 start with this information:

14 BLINKS This code is triggered if there are abnormalities during data exchange with the standby CPU ROM. No F15V connected to the A board at plug-in (Open connection of both pins 10 & 11 between P6 and A6) Shorted F15V developed after the TV is up and running. Holding the power switch for over 5 seconds after the unit has gone into shut down and it’s in lock mode with the power LED solid red (Note: the LED stays on if the power button is momentarily pressed). Commonly failed boards are the A- P

Block Image

This model also has issues with the SC board " if you have a multimeter , measure the resistance at Vsus lines to the SC and SS and see if dead short. TV off .

If shorted then you'll have to isolate Vsus power to each board (SC , SS) and check at the SC and SS connectors.

Or , remove the Vsus power lead from the SC, turn the TV on, if the front LED starts flashing like it's starting up and then stops with a different SOS code (other than solid or 14 blinks) that would indicate what was just removed was shorted.

If no change, reconnect (check there's no residual voltage present), do same for SS. From here

Could be SC or SS.

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Did you ever get this fixed or is the tv junk


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