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Larger version of the Nintendo DSi, released March 2010 in North America. Most repairs are accomplished with only a screwdriver and prying tools.

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What's wrong with the color in the top screen?

I've owned my DSi XL for about 5 years now, and now that i've started repairing some of my devices, I figured I would move on to this one. Unfortunately, I cannot find a previous instance of this problem, so here we go.

About a year ago, I was jogging to get to school on time, and had my DSi XL in my pocket. When I got to school, I pulled it out, and the upper screen was acting strange. The colors are all messed up, with blues often dulling out into greyer colors, or just as close to black as a blue can get and still be blue, whites becoming ambers, yellows and blues that are not mixes becoming green, etc. If memory of light serves, there's probably something wrong with my blue, but if so, what is it, and how do I fix it? If not, what could it be, and how do I fix it? I will try to add pictures later, I do not have any at the moment of writing this.


Here's the pictures, as promised. Please pardon the shoddy camera work.

Block Image

Here's (mostly) what the screen is supposed to look like,playing a game like pokemon black and white. This is it playing on my DS Lite, and the only problem with the screen is a black line barely noticeable in this picture.

Block Image

Here's what can be seen on the DSI XL. The difference is notable.

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I had this problem with my ds lite, and I believe that is is just worn out. I had my Lite for almost eight years before this happened, and eventually, the hinge by the light in the corner broke, and I managed to fix the top screen's picture. See, the wires between the top and bottom screens were twisted inside, and were being pulled, so i untwisted and reconnected the faulty wire. this probably wont help, because you surly wouldn't want to dissconnect the top screen, and also this is a lite we're talking about here, but this is what i know.

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You could try opening it up watching a tutorial and re-seet the ribbon cables by watching or reading a guide. If that's not doing anything, you could try replacing the top screen. I have only opened up a ds lite(although I have a dsi xl) but from what I remember the ds lite has the speakers soldered to the ribbon/screen. I hope I helped.

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