floors climbed counter not working

i just got my garmin vivosmart Hr yesterday and I have went up 5 sets of stairs already and its not recording it at all.

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And there are other major influences. Garmin suggest taking the stairs instead of the lift. Healthy exercise. However, most fire stairwells are pressurised to prevent the entry of smoke! Then there is the cabin pressure in aircraft although this is likely nullified by lack of steps.

As you say, this is a gimmick. But if the opposition have the feature then you have to either trash the opposition's credibility with advertising to educate the customer or just give in and compete. :-(

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The floors climbed feature is based off of the barometer on the back of the watch. It is located between the two sets of charging contacts. It is looking for the barometric pressure to decrees enough to indicate 10+ feet of altitude change. If your stairs are not tall enough or if your house is sealed well enough it is possible it just didn't see enough of a change.

It also needs steps to be counted at the same time as the decrease in pressure. This means holding on to the railing could have an affect.

Garmin support will tell you to blow out the barometer with canned air or try running water through it and let it dry. This would fix the issue if dirt or grime got in on the sensor.

I have also seen multiple cases of people experiencing the opposite issue where it records way more floors than one actually climbed. This is most likely caused by the weather. If a low pressure rolls in the watch could think you are ascending . Also if you go from cold air to warm air the cold air is denser than the warm air and it could also fake out the sensor.

In short the sensors are not good enough to really be that accurate. It would need at least a temperature sensor to improve the accuracy and the watch just doesn't have that. I see this feature as a gimmick any ways. It's one of those things that fitbit was doing so garmin had to include it.

Here is a link to garmin's support article: https://support.garmin.com/faqSearch/en-...

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can't seem to find the barometer holes on VivioSport Anyone have a pic ?


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