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Famicom won't turn on

Hi folks, my son bought 2 famicom systems online and neither work. He's really gotten into collecting different systems and he's quite disappointed that he can't figure either of these 2 out. I'm willing to ship and pay for the repair. He just needs 1 to work, but we can ship both systems in case parts need to be swapped. Anybody interested or can someone point us in the right direction?

Thank you

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@gamerdad0817 what do or don't they do? what have you checked?

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I’m not a Nintendo Technician but an Hardware specialist and Electronic, i have bought this week a Family computer assuming from the seller that it was working, but i have no luck to make it run in my 2 tv set one lcd asus tv and one pc tv stick from china that get every frequency. The seller told to buy a NES psu 9v 1 A center negative but i have some doubt about the psu. IF anyone can help i have found only a little current on the motherbord with my multimeter.

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if you haven’t already try setting the television to channel 95/96 it runs on the higher channels for whatever reason.

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There are a few reasons why the Famicoms might not be working for you.

The easiest thing to ensure is that both the contacts of the game cartridge, and the pins in the connector are clean. Games will not boot if there is not a good connection with the cartridge contacts.

What kind of power adapter are you using? Famicoms require a 10v DC 850mA, centre pin negative power supply. NES consoles output 9V AC, which can cook the Famicom system since it does not have circuitry to adapt the AC current to DC. Most commonly, people will plug in an AC adapter, and this will damage the LM7805 voltage regulator. These regulators are a very common part in older electronics and are still easy to find through places that sell electronic components.

Another reason for not getting a signal from the system’s RF out is that it outputs signals in the NTSC-J format, which differs from NTSC (and PAL, SECAM, etc). Channel 1 and Channel 2 listed on the RF output switch for the system which roughly corresponds to channels 95 and 96 on NTSC televisions. It is possible that your televisions can’t pick up this signal even if it is set to these channels.

To fix this, you can try to AV mod the system. This basically has you build a simple amplification circuit for the video and audio signals produced by the system, and output them to RCA jacks, which you can then run to your TV, or through an RCA to HDMI adapter to a TV/monitor.

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