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So, any update on replacing displays?

Last I checked, about a week ago. Everyone here is saying there are errors with iPhone 7/7+. After a third party display replacement. Mostly with the home button. Which I noticed quite a few articles saying the home button messes up anyways. Also I noticed cpr saying their more than happy to do these repairs. I've been turning away and cautioning customers. Has anything changed?

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Apparently the issue is coming from people using crappy displays, and it won't read things properly. So if you just simply use quality displays, there shouldn't be an issue


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I have just done a repair on an iphone 7 and the home button works fine, it is a very fragile part but as long as you are careful it can be removed easily. You need to push it through the front and feed the cable through and just put it back the same way in the new display assembly. The 7 is a bit more time consuming and difficult to repair than the 6 just go slow and be careful.

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See the thread "Home button not working after installing new screen". Replacing the new LCD back plate with the original back plate resolves the touch ID issue

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