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make this into usb

So i just bought an logitech Driving force Shifter, and want to make a standalone version, cause i dont have the wheel for it, and i figured they use SUBD9 Connector, well only one, and i hoped to get some help from anyone, that could help me make this happen to become a usb connector?

i have an arduino i could use to convert the SUBD to the usb through arduino

i watched this guy here but still yet i didnt get much out of it..

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I doubt you could do that.

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well @pccheese haha lets hope i eventually will come up with something :) :P

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Good luck! You'll need it. Not only will you have to adapt the connector, but you will have change the firmware to accept this new interface.

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You are correct. Logitech says that the shifter connector is a DB-9 Male.

So maybe this will work?

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Nothing but a new usb controller will work , the shifter is only a axis with the mechanism, nothing else , no board, no chips, you need a Arduino to map the axis coordinates into buttons in order to work

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