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Guías de reparación y soporte para la EOS 70D, una cámara réflex digital lanzada por Canon en 2013. Esta cámara se puede identificar con el número de modelo DS126411.

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Scroll wheel skips and won't work 3/4 of the time

The scroll wheel on my Canon 70D acts up almost every time I use it. I've resorted to only using the arrow pad, but I'd rather have the scroll wheel working. Are there parts available to purchase in order to replace this wheel or the mechanism that reads its inputs?

Clarification: The wheel that I am talking about is the one operated by the user's right thumb. It is located just to the right of the touchscreen.


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The contacts under the scroll wheel have weakened. they need to be realigned or replaced.

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I've been struggling for ages with the rear wheel skipping and jumping around on my Canon 70d. I'd given up and thought it was probably not worth the repair costs.

However…. I bought some wd-40 specialist contact cleaner (not the regular wd-40!!), took the battery out and gave the surrounds of the wheel a good spray and spun the wheel. I left it for a couple of minutes to evaporate and lo and behold it's fixed!

Why didn't I think of this two years ago.

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