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iPhone 6 Front camera microphone not working

Hi All,

The microphone of front camera is not working. I know most of the time this issue is resolved by changing the front camera flex cable. The weird part is that even after changing the flex cable from other iphone 6, the problem continues. Also, if I use the entire screen from this phone (along with all the components attached such as camera, mic etc) on other phone the front camera microphone works. Does it have to do anything with logic board or any other parts? Any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance!!

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Hi, I am having the same problem. I replaced the front camera flex cable but the front microphone is still not working. Did you ever find a fix?


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For the front camera it mounts into a rubber gasket. Make sure it is seated well in there and the speaker filter for the top of the screen is clean. You can look through the filter using light to see if it is blocked or not.

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The microphone works when I take out out the entire screen and put it on another iPhone 6 as it is but when I put it back on the first phone it doesn't work, So it doesn't look like it has any issue with the gasket.


Then check the speaker filter on the screen that does not work because the speaker filter is for both the top microphone and the earpiece speaker together.


Thanks Ben for you comment. I will try to follow your suggestion. Just to let you know that sound works fine with back camera, just the front camera sound and commands to Siri doesn't work.


Same problem as Aneela here. (Also the OP)

Front camera recording mic doesn’t work. Also Siri mic doesn’t work.

Everything else works fine: i.e. normal mic and loudspeaker mic while talking over phone as well as FaceTime (both audio and video) works perfect. Also back camera recording mic works good. For the records, voice memo recording also works well.

I was wondering whether rear mic could be an issue here. Can some expert comment please.

Or is this a software issue?


I fixed it one time for a client by re-aligning the front camera microphone and making sure nothing is blocking the hole that goes through the top speaker grill.


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