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El Apple Watch Series 1 es una versión renovada del Apple Watch original anunciado el 7 de septiembre de 2016. La mayoría de las partes son las mismas que en el Series !.

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Apple Watch Series 1 unresponsive with new replacement screen

Hello everyone.

I have recently bought a replacement LCD for my broken Apple Watch Series 1.

The package arrived today, and after installing the new LCD, I noticed, that the Apple Logo appeared when starting up the device. After it has finished booting, it went to the watchface, but after that I wasn't able to interact with the watch anymore. The touch doesnt work, and any buttons dont seem to do anything as well. Only charging it, or force restarting it would make the screen show something again. The touch function does work on the old, broken LCD.

I am now wondering whether Apple has any kind of detection against fake LCD's or not, as this LCD came from China. I am not able to find any original LCDs anywhere, therefore I was forced to buy one from there.

I have been waiting several months for it to arrive, only to find out it does not work in the end.

Is there any way to fix this, or will I have to pay double the price over at the apple store (if they are even willing to repair it)?

I am honestly out of ideas, and I just want to get my watch back in working order.

Does anyone have an Idea on what to do?

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Some corrections: The Series 1 & Series 2 share the same parts except the S1 logic board (the Original Apple Watch uses a different part)

When you replace the screen you also need to replace the adhesive gasket otherwise the ForceTouch won't work correctly.

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It's a new watch, why are you paying for a new screen? The screen prices are ridiculous.

Apple won't touch it now, you're on your own, you've voided your warranty.

You can't get copy Apple Watch screens, they use OLED, not lcd, OLED hasn't been copied, and I doubt it will, not for an extremely long time anyway, the Chinese have only managed now to sort of make a copy lcd for iPhones, and they're trash compared to original.

Try send the part back and say it's faulty, try another part.

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I will try to send the part back anyways. They've kindly asked me to record a video in order to show whats wrong with the item, so I will porbably be able to sort things out in the end.

Yes, it was a new Watch, but its screen or glass got damaged that heavily, that the screen hat nothing to grip onto anymore. So without using tape to hold the lcd down, it would just hang out of the watch. I wouldn't think Apple would want to repair something that looks trashed like that, with or without Applecare. I know my original question is a bit weird, but what I was actually trying to ask is whether it would even be possible to use the screen of another watch, or if they are instead built in such a way that only one screen works on only watch. I mean, the replacement screen I received wasnt of bad quality, the resolution and colors didn't look any different. Only the touch function did not work, which is weird.

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The screen off another watch of the same model would work yes.

I don't think the original Apple Watch or the series 2 screens would work though.

You should've tried taking it in to the Apple Store before trying a repair, you'd be surprised what they will accept, with or without Apple care.

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The model 2 screen probably doesnt, but I've heard the series 0 and series 1 screens have the same part number. Since the glass was damaged in a way that the screen is falling out of the casing by itself without tape, would it be really considered voiding the warranty by unplugging the screen connectors? I could easily just put the connector bracket back on and tell them I've never "opened" it by hand.

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Always worth a try mate!! That way you're not dealing with the hassle of waiting for a replacement part.

Worst case is they say no or tell you it's a out of warranty exchange. :-)

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That’s cute @erohman

You’re very late to the response though aren’t you? Obviously the answer would be different now, as there are parts available, so instead of being a internet gangster, go do something productive. :-)

And god, get some grammar, it’s their* own stuff, not “they’re own stuff”

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I have this same problem too!!!. How did you fix it?

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