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Recommendation for DIY Drone

I want to get started in building drones, and would like to hear recommendations for a good DIY drone set for a beginner.

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Well bud, you can certainly start with YouTube, also, there is a website called droneglobe.con or something very close to that (not to mention many other quad devoted review and guide websites) but tye one I specified actually has an article about diy drones which will help guide you through all the parts, jargon and definitions, etc. Plus they mention a few different kits specificallt (Sorry I don't recall exact kits) but yhen u can jump on over to and order so daggon many kit options its insane. For drones in General fasttech has like 164 pages of listings. And they r about as cheap as u will find them (not suggesting you dont shop arpund first though fir the best deal) but from fasttech be prepared for about 3 weeks on shipping, possibly more (average of 5 weeks) if you purchase batteries.

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