Model A1502 / 2.4, 2.6, or 2.8 GHz dual-core Intel processor / Released October 2013

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Keyboard mechanism retaining clips broken

I've been attempting to repair a broken key mechanism for a MacBook Pro 13" Retina (Late 2013, model A1502) which I've been given. When trying to reattach the mechanism to the keyboard I've noticed that two of the four retaining metal clips where the mechanism locates on the keyboard circuit board are broken.

I've uploaded a photo (see here), if you look at the bottom of the area where the key is missing you'll see that there are no clips. I've removed the down arrow and can see that there should be two sets of two clips.

I know the keyboard for the Retina models is part of the upper assembly so a swap out is no go. At the moment only the upper retaining clips are present meaning the key falls off easily. Does anybody have any ideas on how I can fix this so that the key stays on? The only ideas I have are to attempt to solder new clips on or to try and attach something to the bottom edge of the up arrow key to feed under the down arrow key.

I think this is unrepairable without spending £££ and lots of time but if anybody has any magic ideas they would be appreciated. Thanks!


Thanks for the replies folks. I've marked up the original photo to show what is missing, it's the metal clips which stick upright from the keyboard base (they've broken off). I replaced the plastic butterfly clip on the key, it's only when I attempted to attach the key that I realised something was missing.

It looks like this is beyond repair balancing cost / effort. The solder suggestion was to attach fabricated clips but the chances of them lasting and the heat of the soldering iron not damaging something are slim. The best effort fix is to stick electrical tape over the key to stop it falling off!

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Not sure from picture, but definitely using a new plastic mechanism of the same type as before?

Best solution (most long lasting too) is to just replace the keyboard (not whole palmrest). You have to remove the old rivets using wire cutters and screw in the new keyboard (which can be a bit daunting for first time), but it will ensure the issue won't happen again. Keyboards cost around £12-£20.

Could try soldering something, but wouldn't see it long lasting since it will be part of a moving mechanism.

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Soldering would just make things worse as it will melt the plastic not shape it.


Yes, I'd definitely recommend just replacing the keyboard. I think OP was just talking about soldering something to the metal of the keyboard (not plastic), but I reckon it would not last.


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Sadly the hinge pin is damaged and not repairable.

This issue here is what is your skills and how much things cost.

Yes, you can replace the keyboard unit alone Vs the whole upper case. But its quite a bit of work and you do need to be careful as you could end up with a mess.

You could also go to an Apple store and pay the bench fee plus the parts cost and have the complete upper case replaced while it's the most expensive option it also removes the risk of your lack of skills.

The last option here is to replace the upper case assembly your self. Here you could save some money getting a refurbished part (used) and do the work your self while its still quite a bit of work its a lot less than replacing the keyboard and is the least risky.

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