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Upgrading this old beauty: Mac SE 30?

I'm looking to upgrade this old baby and use it for printing invoices and service orders for my customers. I currently have 8 - one meg chips but have read that i can install 8 - 16 meg SIMMS. Does anyone know where I can find them at a reasonable price? Also is there a limit on how big a SCSI hard drive I can use? I'm running System 7.1 and wonder how high I can take the system?

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Other than ebay I find LEMSwap a good place to find Mac items at a reasonable price. As to the SCSI I have no idea as its not covered in my old manuals.

According to Mactracker you can go to 7.5.5 and the computer had options of 40 or 80 GB for hard drives.

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I forgot - when do you use "mode 32"? I think those were 40 and 80 MEG drives.


You are correct---get used to everything being GB today and tend to forget in the "old" days drives were measured in megabytes. I'll have to look up the mode and get back to you. Ralph


I could look up the mode 32, but this is kind of fun trying to remember. I don't remember a hard drive limit, except for cash, on the SCSI drives but 32 GB sticks in my head.


Think I found it. This article says you can use as large a SCSI drive as you want and explains mode 32. Hope this helps. Ralph


Looks like I'm not the only that loves this machine. Here's some other ideas:


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