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Checklist for checking functions of iPhone

Hello, I am wondering if anyone knows of a website that has a good checklist of everything you should check when testing a phone you're going to buy or sell?

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@cabutcher99, you can actually read and transcribe from the image @joshw linked.

However, here is what I do whenever I test a phone prior to giving back to a customer:

  • Check all the buttons (volume, silent, power)
  • Check touch function across the entire screen. Hold an icon until it vibrates and then move through the entire surface to see if there are any dead spots; if there are, the icon will drop.
  • Check the LCD for dead pixels; there's a white-ish background available in Settings/Wallpaper.
  • Find the Voice Memo app and do a voice memo. While you're doing that, put you finger on the top of the screen to obstruct the proximity sensor. The screen should go black. Play back your memo via the speakers and headphones.
  • Go to the Camera app and test front camera and back camera (use the flash). I would also test with short videos (testing 1...2..3) because there are three microphones and you want to test all of them.
  • Go to Settings/Display & Brightness. Set the brightness to max or min (depending on your current lighting) and turn off and on the Auto-Brightness button. It should adjust automatically to ambient light.
  • Go to Settings/WiFi and see if it can pick up any networks.
  • Ideally, bring a SIM card and test it to make sure it isn't locked to another carrier.

This only takes a few minutes so practice on your own device first so you don't take too much time standing in someone's doorway. If you are buying a used phone, test EVERTHING! Once you leave, you will have a tough time convincing the seller the phone was defective (even if it's true).

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OOOh....are we going to post our testing methods?

Start the phone up, watch the display for flickering

Once booted, dial *611. Once I hear the voice, click it onto speaker.

Hang up and dial *#06#

Swipe across all lines on display, then swipe down

Go to wifi, go to bluetooth. Make sure devices appear on both

Hit the home button, then volume up and down

Open the camera, switch to FFC

Hit the power button to put the device to sleep

Connect it the the PC to make sure it charges and connects.

Power it back on, do a factory reset to make sure there are no account locks.

The whole things takes less than a minute.


Nice! ''''


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do you know of an online version? something that doesn't require purchase and printed ?


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