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Anunciado el 16 de octubre de 2014, el iPad Mini 3 es el sucesor del iPad Mini Retina (ahora conocido como iPad mini 2).

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iPad Mini 3 white lines showing across two thirds of the LCD

Hello everyone.

I have received an iPad mini 3rd gen. from a friend for me to fix. According to him there are white lines showing up on the lower 2/3 of the screen. Apparently he was using the device normally, when suddenly in the evening those lines appeared. He always handled the device carefully, but the warranty has expired a few months ago.

I now opened up the device, and reseated the LCD connector, allthough it did not help. Is this a common issue and is there a way to fix it, or is the replacement of the LCD itself the only solution here? I've included a picture of the issue.

Many thanks in advance.

Block Image

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If you've tried reseating this it will most likely be LCD damage. Plug a new one in to test it

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Agree with Reece, this is a LCD fault and replacing it will solve the problem.

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