Ic discription needed pls give the idea

Can any one give me the discription of the ic below camera connector and to the right of sensor speaker connector . The ic got damage .

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@deepak111 your description of which part and it's location is a bit to vague. Post an image of your board and mark the part you are needing information about. Use this guide Agregar imágenes a una pregunta existente for that

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is it the Apple A6 APL0598 application processor you are referring to? cause thats underneath the camera connector? i cant really understand your question, but i would assume it is the processor but i cant seem to find or understand the second IC you would like? i am sorry if this is just useless but i tried?

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Can I whatsapp u the pic

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I will just have to create it first, haha :P give me a minute or two

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Yes you could whatsapp me the picture, but i need your number or something?

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