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The Brother label maker, model PT-90, is part of the P-Touch series. It is a handheld device that allows you to print non-laminated, personalized labels.

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What do I do if my label-maker runs out of paper?

I've been using my label maker for a while and will probably start to run out of paper soon. I was wondering how I go about replacing the roll of paper in the label maker?

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Student iFixit Technical Writing Project

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Remove the lower lid of your Brother PT-90 Label-Maker device, and take out the used label cartridge. Replace with a new label cartridge (these cartridges can be easily found for sale online.) Refasten the lower lid, and you'll be back in label-making business!

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Poor answer. Tell him how or find a video on how to do it, give a link.

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If you can't find a video you could also point them to the instruction sheet that came with unit (may have lost it) and of course point them to one of the IFIXIT guides (or even make one).

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