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7.9 inch display iPad Mini, with 16, 32, or 64 GB of storage.

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black screen fuse ok

IPAD mini 1 (1432) have a new touch screen, new LCD, new battery, computer recognizes device. I have checked the black light fuse and the LCD diode and both appear to work. Any other ideas as to what could be wrong?

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Have you checked the voltage generated by the PMIC (U8100)?

It should be 20.4V . Even if the diode and filter are okay, that doesn't mean there is any voltage going to to the backlight. If there is no voltage, it could be the PMIC or the coil (!) that is the problem.

Download the schematic and search for PPLED to follow the circuit to know where to probe.

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Have a similar issue here, apart from the fact that the iPad Mini is completely dead. Not even recognized in iTunes. What I've found so far :Shorts on C8119 on C8120. D8100 diode measures 0.162v without battery attached and 0v with battery attached. The voltage on pins 30 and 32 of J2201 is 0v when connected to usb and battery. I've replaced U2, but this didn't help anything. I have a few PMICs underway, because I fear the issue is there. A little backstory : this and another iPad Mini failed in the course of two weeks (both similar symptoms) after using a cheap fake charger and cheap fake cable. (Hence I was first replacing the U2 ic). Do you have any idea what to check for ? Other than waiting for the PMIC to arrive and attempt that repair ?


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